About Us

Hiya, I’m Cheryl, a (UK) daily crafter. Welcome to my NEW shop for planners and scrapbook lovers!

I source the latest, trending and sometimes hard to get crafting supplies from the USA.

If you’ve been anything like me, I used to watch all the amazing scrapbook and card makers from the US like Kelly Latevola, Nicole Sphor and Jennifer McGuire. But my major problem was getting access to all their amazing tools,

With the expensive shipping costs, extra VAT, Customs clearance and duty being a major prohibitive factor to ordering, I decided to start Cheryl Simone Crafts to make American Crafts accessible in the UK and hassle free!

I'm always on the lookout for the next best products and trends. Be sure to touch base if you have any ideas for new products that I should stock, press the 'Chat With Us' button.